Intelliskin is a Human Technology company and the inventor of Smart Compression.

Products with PostureCue technology are designed to work with your body as your intelligent second skin.

The Fletch on the back of our products is the visual representation of our technology.

It allows you to use the natural strength of your back to support your front so you can stand tall.

IntelliSkin’s expanding line of performance products is designed and tested under the supervision of accomplished sports medicine expert and athlete, Dr. Tim Brown. IntelliSkin’s design and construction incorporate advanced sports science and medical research to trigger instant and predictable sensorimotor responses. And as a result, IntelliSkin products retrain your body to activate and achieve optimal muscular balance and function through proper alignment and quality of movement.

Thanks to Dr. Brown’s 25 years of in the filed/on hand research with the world’s leading health professionals and elite athletes, the results are nearly 100% predictable. IntelliSkin’s built-in intelligence will naturally and immediately improve the way you look, feel, perform and live.

Reasons to believe:

  • Evidence-based and scientifically  proven
  • Created and endorsed by top health and fitness professionals
  • Worn by elite athletes to enhance performance, recovery and overall wellness
  • Proprietary technology that promotes natural muscle memory
  • Immediate and lasting results are unmatched

Through our ongoing research, innovation and collaboration with thought leaders in the medical, natural health and professional athletic communities, IntelliSkin is committed to designing and developing the most functional and fashionable performance gear on the planet. Products you will want to wear to work, to play or to compete.

Put on your IntelliSkin and start living the difference. Because life is worth doing right the first time.


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